A website to display results from a county-wide bird distribution atlas project organised by the Herts Bird Club between 2007 and 2012. It includes "dot" maps for each species, lists for each 2km x 2km (tetrad) survey unit and supporting resources. Historical data from previous projects is included for comparison.

The Herts Bird Club received the 2012 Marsh Award for Local Ornithology for this website, being the first to place its local atlas results on-line. "The Hertfordshire site is exceptional and is a precursor as to how many local Atlases will be undertaken and reported in the future."

The website was originally developed by Chris Dee prior to the formation of Garganey Consulting, using Perl, HTML4 and CSS. It was revised in 2015 to include additional map types and restyled to align the design with the published Birds of Hertfordshire.

Hertfordshire hedgerow © C W Dee
Data tabulation © C W Dee